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Best Garage Floor Coatings You Need This Winter

Best Garage Floor Coatings You Need This Winter

Your garage is just as important as the other rooms you use daily. So why don't we treat it as such? Your garage is an essential part of your home; it is the last room you see when you leave and the first room you see when you get home.

It is also home to your cars, kids' outdoor toys, bikes, snow blowers, and other necessary equipment. Then every year, when we least expect it (or should we say when we are least ready for it), the weather turns frigid, snow and ice arrive, and salt is everywhere. Dragging that sludge and salt into your garage and home is not only messy but harmful.

You can't prevent salt from being on the roads, and cleaning off your car and shoes before entering your garage just isn't realistic, but what you can control is protecting your garage from these harsh elements by installing a garage floor coating.

Can you get a garage floor coating installed during winter?

Best Garage Floor Coatings You Need This Winter

Short answer – yes! When the weather turns cold, home improvement projects may escape your mind. You may also think installing your flooring during cold months is impossible, but that is a common misconception for professionally installed polyaspartic garage floor coatings. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, Hello Garage can do it all with our 100% polyaspartic garage floor coating. So, while you may want to wait until spring to get started on your new garage floor, it may be beneficial to get started now.

3 reasons you should install a garage floor coating in winter

Cars bring in road salts that break down concrete.

Snow and ice bring salt, which can harm your garage. A chemical reaction creates calcium oxychloride when salt sits on concrete for an extended time. This chemical reaction will form crystals inside the concrete that expand and cause internal cracking and crumbling—cracking and crumbling can lead to further water damage. As water gets deep into the concrete and freezes, it expands the pores – similar to how water expands in a water bottle and sometimes explodes when you leave it in the freezer.

Expands living space.

For those like us who do not enjoy the cold season, being bundled up in your home all winter can get mundane. By getting your garage floor coated, you expand your living space into your garage. Clean floors are safe for children to play, space for you to work out, or to move your office and free up more space in your home. Walking around in your socks is also much more comfortable when you're taking out the trash.

Beat the spring rush.

You have done your research and know you can get your garage floor coating any time of the year. So why wait when you can beat the rush? Protect your concrete sooner than later, creating a fun and clean space for your home where you don't have to worry about salt and ice.

Is an epoxy or polyaspartic garage floor coating better?

Best Garage Floor Coatings You Need This Winter

Epoxy and polyaspartic garage floor coatings are everywhere on Google, but which one is better? First, let's look at the facts. You may think they are very similar at face value, but some key details make one much higher quality than the other.

Epoxy garage floor coating is known for easily chipping, peeling, and cracking. Dropping tools or anything heavy can open the surface. Instead of sealing and bonding to the concrete, it is more so just a surface adherent for aesthetics and minimal protection. It is also not UV-resistant, meaning if you leave your garage door open while you are outside during sunny days, the sunlight will cause it to fade and turn colors over time. The last thing about epoxy is its cure time is about one whole week, meaning your garage is off limits until its installation and drying period is over, which can total anywhere from 7-10 days.

Polyaspartic garage floor coating by Hello Garage has a flexible coating, resistant to the impacts of dropping tools. It's also proven never to peel or flake. In addition, polyaspartic is UV resistant, meaning it will never fade or yellow over time. The cure time for polyaspartic garage floor coating is about a day, so you won't have to store your garage items elsewhere for a week. In contrast to epoxy, our 100% polyaspartic garage floor coating is environmentally friendly, and the flakes are biodegradable when not inside our floors.

Where do I start?

Best Garage Floor Coatings You Need This Winter

Hello Garage's 100% polyaspartic garage floor coating isn't just a want; it is a necessity. When you go with Hello Garage, we will repair any damage your floors may have and repair it properly so it won't ever get worse, and there is no need to worry about it again. It also adds a layer of protection that is easy to clean and stain-resistant! Even stains that have been sitting and soaking for weeks can be cleaned up with a little bit of Simple Green or water and Dawn Dish Soap. It's time you include your garage as a part of your home and treat it with the same care! Get your free estimate from us today by calling 1-844-559-2577 or filling out this form

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