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Hello Garage of Kansas City Q&A

What's the difference between the Hello Garage Slatwall Set and other garage Slatwall or Track Systems?

The garage organization market is crowded with many different options. Here are some of the benefits of our system vs. others out there: 1. Superior strength for storage needs 2. Panels have color throughout making scratches, dings and gouges almost impossible to see 3. Compatible with multiple types and brands of accessories for every season and lifestyle 4. Installed with hidden install strips with no visible screws for a more aesthetically pleasing solution.

Is there a warranty on Storage Systems?

Hello Garage offer customers a lifetime limited warranty for all the steel components of the HG Storage System and a five-year non-transferable limited warranty for all other parts of the HG Storage System, including but not limited to, wire and plastic components, doors, pegboards and work surfaces, as long as the customer owns the home in which the system was installed, and the system is not moved (except by you). This warranty ensures that the storage systems will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

What is the Hello Garage Storage System?

The HG Storage System uses a small number of components to create various solutions to help customers organize and store items in their garages. The main components are steel uprights and upright spanners that form a frame that sits on the floor and secures into the wall, and steel shelves that can be used just as shelves, as a bench or as the framework for cabinets. The four main systems we offer Hello Garage customers are: HG Shelving (which includes 3 shelves), HG Cabinets, HG Workbench, and the HG Drop Zone. Each solution is sold in 4ft increments and all solutions can be mixed and matched to meet the customer’s needs, space, and budget.

How should homeowners keep their Hello Garage floor clean?

Hello Garage floor surfaces are easy to clean. Begin by spraying off the surface with a hose to remove loose dirt and debris. Then spray a concentrated all-purpose cleaner such as Simple Green on the surface and scrub with a medium to hard bristled brush or broom. Rinse again with a hose and let dry. Using a squeegee wrapped with towels is a great way to prevent excess water from standing on the surface.

What does a Hello Garage flooring system look like?

A surface coated with Hello Garage flooring will have an appearance and durability similar to that of polished granite. It is currently available in eight popular color combinations to allow homeowners to pick an option that fits the look of their home. Our system includes full broadcast flake distribution, which means the entire base coat surface will be covered in the decorative flake, before being sealed in with the clear top coat.

What's the difference between the Hello Garage system and other garage floor coatings?

The garage floor coatings market is crowded with DIY options and contractors doing professional    

installations of epoxy, polyurethane or polyaspartic materials. 

Hello Garage:
1. Superior durability, with excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, impact, and hot tire peel.
2. Best guarantee against delamination (cracking and peeling).
3. Because of the nature of this product and where it is typically installed (inside garage floors), it can be installed in a wide range of weather and temperature conditions, including below-freezing outside temperatures. (Special formulation offered for extreme temperature installations.)
4. A more intense surface preparation process facilitates stronger bonding between the concrete surface and the coating.
5. It is the only option that can be installed in 1 day due to a faster dry time, and homeowners can fully use their garage 24 hours after installation.

Is there a warranty on Hello Garage polyaspartic floors?

Hello Garage offer customers a lifetime warranty on our polyaspartic flooring system. There are four things we cannot warrant against: damage from battery acid and abuse/neglect.

What is The Hello Garage flooring system?

Our system is a polyaspartic garage floor coating system.  It turns worn, stained, and cracked concrete garage floors into a beautiful, durable, long-lasting surface that stands up to common forces in the garage, resisting impact, abrasion, chemicals, and the effects of UV rays.

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