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How to Achieve Garage Organization in Four Steps


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Your garage serves different purposes for your busy lifestyle. It is easy to overwhelm such an important space. They can be parking spaces, storage areas, workshops, living spaces and the possibilities go on. Most often, garages become a multi-use space without a definition of how the area will be used or organized. 

At Hello Garage of Kansas City, we have helped customers achieve the garage of their dreams! Let’s break down how to achieve garage organization in four steps. 

Step 1: Clean Out the Garage    

The first step to achieving garage organization is to clean out the space. It is vital to go through each item and decide if you need it. While this first step is tough and time-consuming, it is necessary to create more space and get rid of clutter.  

As you go through the garage and find items put them into the following piles: 

  • KeepThese are high-value items that you use all the time. If you find yourself wondering, “when was the last time I used this?” then chances are you don’t need it.   
  • Donate/ Sell: If you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, the items go into this pile. Here you decide if the item can be sold or donated. If you’re looking to make some extra money, consider having a garage sale or selling on Facebook Market Place. If you don’t want to sell, consider donating to a local charity or shelter. 
  • Toss: If the items are old or not in good condition, it is okay to get rid of them. Be sure to dispose of the items properly.

Step 2: Sort the Keep Pile  

Before moving the items back into the garage, it’s time to take inventory of what you have. How are you going to organize the items? Take a look a start organizing by category (i.e. cleaning supplies, toys, sporting equipment). ThisOrganizing garage shelves allows you to start deciding what type of organization you will need, and you can visualize what it is going to look like. 

Step 3: Make an Organization Game Plan  

Now that you know what you have, you can start the organization process. When you come to this point it is important to ask yourself “What do I want the space to look like?” This is where Hello Garage of Kansas City can help you!   

Here are some of our recommended storage solutions: 

  • Garage ShelvingOpen shelving allows you to see what you have at a quick glance. Our garage shelving is commercial strength and comes in three depthsand can hold light or heavy items.  
  • Garage Cabinets: This system is completely customizable to fit your needs and is a perfect option to store personal belongings and tools. These cabinets are 4ft tall by 4ft wide and can fit any size bin or tool!  
  • Garage Drop Zones: For those struggling to find a space to keep dirty shoes, jackets or bags. A drop zone is a perfect option for you! 
  • Garage WorkbenchThis is a great option for those who work in their garage. Workbenches include a sturdy work surface, pegboard and shelving.  
  • Garage Slatwall SystemThis is the ultimate storage solution for garage organization! Hello Garage’s Slatwall System is installed in panels and can hold up to 115 pounds per panel. This system has great accessories so you can find everything you need at glance 

Tip 4: Give Every Item a Spot  

Once you have your garage organization installed, give each item a spot. Keep the items organized by category and try putting items you don’t need all the time in labeled bins, so you can find thelater. All the time are in easy-to-find places.

Hello Garage Slatwall SystemAre you ready to tackle your garage organization? Schedule your free garage organization estimate from the experts at Hello Garage of Kansas City today!  


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