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15 Ways to Organize Your Garage This Spring

Spring is here, which means it is spring cleaning time. Is your garage filled with random things, turning it into a junk drawer instead of where your car and important items call home?... Yeah, us too. But don’t you worry! Keep reading for our 15 tips to organize your garage and keep it clean. 

  1. Plan ahead. Going in with a plan before you start anything can help tremendously. All year you have been collecting an assortment of items, and with the right tips and plan, you can give them all a home instead of being on your floor. This can also give confidence and excitement to the project, knowing it will look great in the end. Don’t know how to start your plan? That’s okay, just have one of our experienced Garage Gurus out to help! Our gurus have all the tips to help maximize garage space.
  2. Empty your garage.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring - Image 1 You have a plan; now it is time to declutter! Get everything out of your garage and start sorting. These piles can be whatever makes sense to you and your life, but we recommend starting with a keep, donate and throw away pile. 
  3. Create Zones. Setting up zones after decluttering can help the flow of your garage once it is all organized. You want to put like items together and related items next to each other. Different zones can be anything from children's toys to landscaping, workout equipment and more!  
  4. Repair the damage.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring You have decluttered, sorted and cleaned your garage…now what? Before throwing everything back into place, check to see if your concrete has any damage. Cracking, sinking or pitting can cause major issues if left untreated. If you’re unsure about your concrete, have one of our gurus out for a free inspection.
  5. Get a polyaspartic floor installed.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring Polyaspartic flooring has been used in commercial spaces for decades. Now, Hello Garage is bringing it to residential areas. Compared to the popular epoxy options, polyaspartic is proven to protect more and last longer. Polyaspartic has other benefits, including preventing chipping and cracking, UV resistance, and stain resistance. Learn more about all of the benefits here!
  6. Keep your floors clear.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring We know it is easier said than done, but keeping the floor clean helps prevent pests, dirt and debris from collecting. Hello Garage offers many different storage options. Keep reading to learn more!
  7. Shelving.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring Shelving is one easy way to keep those floors clear. Tools, workout gear and storage bins fit great, look great, and do a great job of keeping these bulky items in place. 
  8. Overhead garage storage.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring Overhead storage is great for large bins of seasonal items like Christmas or Halloween decorations. You can also store bulky items like camping gear up here. Having overhead storage clears up valuable space, and the best part is Hello Garage’s overhead storage can hold up to 500 lbs! 
  9. Customizable workbench.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring Workbenches are great for anyone who has hobbies or likes to DIY. They help keep all your projects organized, and it also has a pegboard backing for storing whatever you need for your project! 
  10. Slatwall.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring Slatwall is panels of PVC lined on a wall, customized however you like, and great for big, bulky items like shovels, brooms, chairs, hoses and more! Hello Garage’s Slatwall is completely customizable from color to accessories. Some of our accessories include baskets, hooks and loops! 
  11. Floating shelving.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring If you only have a few smaller items you need to store, a floating shelf may be the best option for you. Hello Garage’s floating shelves can hold up to 100 lbs and can be installed almost anywhere. 
  12. Drop zone.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring Say goodbye to old-school mudrooms and hello to our drop zone! Mudrooms allow dirt, mud, and debris into your home. Drop zones eliminate those worries of a big mess and keep them outside. Use this drop zone as a catch-all for shoes, jackets, sports equipment and more. 
  13. Track system.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring Similar to slatwall, track systems help keep oversized items off the floor, maximizing your space. Store those bulky items like leaf blowers, rakes and more. This is a great way to keep your garage floor clear and organized! 
  14. Garage Cabinets.15 Ways To Organize Your Garage This Spring If you have a sort of items that you want to be hidden or contained, garage cabinets are a great option for you. With this sleek look, no one has to see the open bag of dirt, holiday decor, or other non-aesthetically pleasing items.
  15. Make it customizable to you. Going with Hello Garage for your flooring, storage, and organization options allows you to take your needs and wants into your own hands. All our products can be customizable to what you are looking for from color to installation! Fill out this form to get your free estimate! 

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